New EA Aldebaran

Release of the third wave of WH series of long-awaited.

Winter Hexagon new series consists of six systems characteristic.
WH series has become a practical system any, is very characteristic.

Features of Aldebaran

FEATURE 1:Double logic equipped

By equipped with a "Day swing technology" that becomes the order upholstery in addition to the "scalping technology" by contrarian that we've been good, it does not miss the market opportunity.

FEATURE 2:Performance that specializes in popular EURUSD that becomes the royal road

We realized the implementation of the functions to refine that specializes only in EURUSD.

FEATURE 3:Approach to no market ever

Aldebaran to achieve a trade never seen two logic ever possessed.
I will surely attract precisely penetrate chance the market.

FEATURE 4:Reliably support since 2014 of market

Rate from 2014 until now is quite different from the previous exchange rate in 2013
Aldebaran we have developed two of logic that consistently corresponding mounted in the current market.

FEATURE 5:Practical system that assumes more realistic trade

Is at least one of the features of WH series, we implement a practical logic and functionality than not depend only on the back test by performing a development which investigated the real trade.

FEATURE 6:Martingale, averaging is not in use

Aldebaran is two logic-based systems, individual logic it will be only a single position, I do not hold other than the maximum at 2 position.


Starting with $10,000 First horn:1 lot Second horn:0.2 lots --> $19,025.76(Approximately 1.90times)

Net: $9,025.79(Profit:$27,467.87/Loss:-$18,442.11)
Profit factor:1.47
Max drawdown(The ratio of total funding): $1,476.65 (7.86%)
The total number of trades: 521(Sell(Profit %):284 (71.13%) / Buy(Profit %):237 (63.71%)
Profit Trade(ratio): 353 (67.75%) / Loss Trade(ratio): : 168 (32.25%)

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