New EA Alnilam

ORION FX EA corresponding to Economic Indicator Buster

Alnilam corresponding to Economic Indicator Buster


Features of Alnilam

FEATURE 1:Performance that are specific to Scalping

Scalping has developed a dedicated system of CHF/JPY poured all the technology we have developed in our company so far.
Produce significant benefits of up to five times and averaging Scalping is stable.

FEATURE 2:Was to overcome the weakness of Scalping

Scalping is the biggest weakness of a sudden can not correspond to the market.
Alnilam is to implement features such as fold TotalPipsForCloseout SafetyMode and has also been implemented in Rigel.
When the sudden change of rate will reduce the risk filtering function and exerts its effects by a strong feature here.
Has been offered at all the features of the here adjusted further.

FEATURE 3:Practical systems that are intended to be more real trade.

Alnilam ORION series is to reproduce and to pursue development is also a feature of WH series, the real trade.
We implement a more practical and functional logic does not depend on back-testing.
To initiate a trade is set to chart immediately after purchase by this is possible.


Starting with $10,000 1Lot --> $100,348.12(Approximately 10.03times)

Net: $90,348.12(Profit:$260,938.45/Loss:-$170,590.32)
Profit factor:1.53
Max drawdown(The ratio of total funding): $15,086.58 (17.27%)
The total number of trades: 2,015(Sell(Profit %)::922 (71.15%) / Buy(Profit %)1,093 (74.20%)
Profit Trade(ratio): 1,467 (72.80%) / Loss Trade(ratio): 548 (27.20%)

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Price $98

Alnilam meteor stream Extream is a higher grade version of Alnilam.
Customers with Aliniram already please purchase the upgrade version of the special price $ 98.

Price $200

Price $98

Price $120

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