New EA Betelgeuse

Newly developed most advanced algorithm

Orion FX's newly developed algorithm improves its performance dramatically compared to the existing EAs used in the current market broadly.

Betelgeuse features:

FEATURE 1: Efficient operation time

Betelgeuse provides the optimized result immediately after the accurate analysis of the market condition between end of the NY market and just after start of the Oceania market.

FEATURE 2: Low Stop-Loss figures

Betelgeuse makes Stop-Loss order automatically once the result of the analysis recognizes the market risk is very high. This advanced and instantaneous judgment logic provides more optimized "Low Stop-Loss" than other EAs in the market. You will never get stressed with our improved Low Stop-Loss orders.

Orion FX's ultimate formula for success is making "maximize profit" and "minimize loss" consistent.

Betelgeuse's most advanced algorithm can maximize profit by both agile and accurate dealing judgment and low stop-loss figures.

FEATURE 3: High winning rate and PF figure

Betelgeuse's algorithm can utilize the algorithm for making profit in the real world. By setting Betelgeuse's Stop-Loss orders low, it can keep the total result in surplus.

Orion FX develops our EA to make it "ready-to-win" software as well as good background testing data. We do not like providing EA which sets wide Stop-Loss orders such as 100 or 200 pips and gets 5 or 10 pips. Our EA has very narrow Stop-Loss orders such as 30 or 50 pips and gets 5 or 10 pips in the real dealing.

To utilize the EA as "real-life EA" software, our programmers and traders are communicating and working very hard to improve the performance every day.

Initial deposit $10000. Fixed 1Lot

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Initial deposit $10000. Risk 10

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Initial deposit $10000. Risk 20

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Initial deposit $10000. Risk 30

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