Orion FX Library Mintaka

Best algorithm passed

The M78 adopt innovative logic, a shocking debut
Development of EA refined by further improved, dedicated Mintaka design was successful.

Features of the Mintaka

Feature 1: never miss a chance 24 hours operation

24-Hour currency market fluctuations always continues to move.
Made available 24 hours, trade always miss revenue opportunities.

Feature 2: best algorithm passed

M78 is trust, pour all cultivated our technique developed algorithm
Further improved while also succeeding based, dedicated Mintaka design and more stable trade with.

Feature 3: an overwhelming number of trade and high winning percentage

Because we maintain a despite an overwhelming number of trade unmatched until now even higher winning percentage
More aggressive and effective operation is possible


Starting with $10,000 1Lot --> $453,516.69 (Approximately 45.35times)

Net: $453,516.69 (Profit: $878,796.43 Loss: $-425,279.75)
Profit factor: 2.07
Max drawdown(The ratio of total funding): $10,015.89 (2.50%)
The total number of trades: 8353 (Sell(Profit %): 3649 (76.20%) Buy(Profit %): 4704 (80.10%)
Profit Trade(ratio): 6542 (78.32%) Loss Trade(ratio): 1811 (21.68%)

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The latest version of this product is Ver 1.7.
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