FAQ General
Do you disclose the program source codes?

We do not disclose the program source codes in any case.

What do you provide as after sales support?

We provide after sales support including bug-fix, update such as further functions and inquiries about product and instructions.

What is EA?

EA(Expert Advisors) is the automatic trading software for MetaTrader that can be made by MQL, the programming language for MetaTrader.

Install this EA into MetaTrader4's chart as plug-in software and you can start automatic trading.

What is MetaTrader4?

MetaTrader4 is the financial trading software mainly for FX (Foreign Exchange) developed by Russian company MetaQuotes.

Not only you can have advanced chart viewing function but also you can produce your own indicators and auto trading system by using programming language called MQL.

Another advantage is its fast launch time and you don't feel stress even you are using a few years old PCs.

FAQ about EA (Expert Advisor)
Q.001: I'm beginner for FX. Is it easy for beginners to use the EA with MT4?

A.001: Yes, it is possible but you'd better to have minimum requirement knowledge about FX and market.

Q.002: What is the required PC specifications to run automatic trading?

A.002: Basically you can use any general specifications PCs but please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Q.003: Do I have to keep the PC turned on?

A.003: Yes, you have to keep the PC turned on to keep the MT4 running all the time.

Q.004: Can I share the same user ID and password on multiple PCs?

A.004: No, you cannot use the same ID and password on multiple PCs. You can use one ID and password on one PC.

Q.005: Can I change or add user ID and password?

A.005: No, you cannot change your user ID and password that was provided when you purchased the software. You can add your user ID and password, so please feel free to contact us if needed.

Q.006: Is Betelgeuse full automatic trading software? Do I have to make entry or payment when the sign was indicated?

A.006: Betelgeuse is full automatic trading software, but we recommend you to stop the software temporary when you would have big index before/after the operation time.

Q.007: What currency pair does Betelgeuse trade?

A.007: Betelgeuse trades EUR/USD pair.

Q.008: What chart time interval does Betelgeuse use?

A.008: Betelgeuse uses five minutes chart.

Q.009: Should I stay in front of the PC to view the chart for trading?

A.009: You don't have to stay in front of your PC. Betelgeuse automatically trade on behalf of you.

Q.010: Can I use Betelgeuse with brokers which is not listed as your recommended brokers?

A.010: Yew, you can use Betelgeuse with MT4 based broker you like. But it might not provide the best performance with such a broker because of difference of spread range and slippage on execution. We recommend you to use Betelgeuse with our recommended brokers. To see our recommended brokers, please click here.

Q.011: Does your EA recognize 5 digits brokers?

A.011: Our EA recognizes 4 digits and 5 digits automatically and runs with 5 digits brokers as well.

Q.012: Do you accept the account other than USD account?

A.012: Our EA accepts all currencies such as USD, JPY, EUR, CHF, GBP, AUD etc.

Q.013: I can see the Lot depends on brokers even I have set the same risk setting. Is it right?

A.013: Risk setting refers each broker leverage. You have to set the risk setting to match your broker.

Q.014: Does your EA run with the brokers such as ECN Broker which do not use TP/SL?

A.014: Yes, it does.

FAQ about Affiliate Program
Q.001: What is the schedule of the commission payment.

A.001: Monthly commission amount is calculated at the end of each month and paid on 15th of the next month.

Q.002: What is the payment scheme for the commission to the affiliater?

A.002: Commission will be paid to your registered Paypal account.

Q.003: What if the purchase order was caneled?

A.003: Commission for the affiliater will not be paid to you if the purchase order was canceled or returned by cooling-off.

Q.004: My sales shows US$43 but commission hasn't been paid to my Paypal account yet on 15th of the next month.

A.004: Commission will be paid when the monthly amount is more than US$ 50. The amount will be carried over to the next month if the amount is less than US$50.