Premium Program

Premium users benefit

  • Premium users to use now to get free of all the EA Orion FX products that are released after June 1, 2011.
     (Now the M42, will be two types of M78)
  • Enables the use of EA in advance before the release.
  • The EA will be used exclusively premium users.
     (Now enables the M42)
  • You can receive a special discount in preference to free trials, etc. We are planning future signal delivery.

EA M42 for Premium users only

M42 is a very unusual approach to the EA does not use any technical opening.
M42 is a stripped down, polished crystals are all useless.
Trade will occur late lasting edge always has a simple everyday logic.
Trading style is very stable operation becomes the main medium-day trading.

How to apply

Right on the "Login" from the top to register new users, the user at the top of the page after login "Premium" Please select a.
After selecting "Orion FX Premium User Reference," please follow the instructions there to download the top so we can download it. (Eg no cost at all)

Premium Program