New EA Sirius

Release of the second wave of WH series of long-awaited.

Winter Hexagon new series consists of six systems characteristic.
WH series has become a practical system any, is very characteristic.

Features of Sirius

FEATURE 1:24-hour system to be ORION FX's first

It has become a system of 24-hour which is the ORION FX's first, I do not miss any chance of the market.
The functions of the technology + α it has cultivated in us, performance is participating and has become a scalping system which is good.
It will exert a performance that you can understand without fail if it can be set to MT4 once.

FEATURE 2:Multi-performance and capable of handling multi-currency

Sirius will correspond to the two major currency that GBPUSD and EURUSD.
The GBPUSD has become a corresponding currency for the first time in ORION FX, the main currency of Sirius also has become.
(Future expansion plans of the corresponding currency also there)

FEATURE 3:Performance evolving

It is a long time use possible by internal logic also repeat the upgrade at the same time you continue to add the corresponding pair in the future.
(Will be supported to index Buster and expansion of the corresponding currency is there)
>USDJPY will be added soon.

FEATURE 4:Robust logic

Sirius does not perform any Nanping, martingale, both denominated.
We will capture the opportunity accurately to a 24-hour market for without these.
In addition, we are able to operate from a low of funds ($ 200), so we have implemented a robust logic.

FEATURE 5:Practical systems that are intended to be real trade more

By carrying out the development which investigated there is at least one of the features of the WH series,
the real trade, we implement the logic and functionality more practical does not depend on the back test.
High effect in the immediate practice will be obtained.

FEATURE 6:Implementation of latest parameter

It has been rewritten in the latest parameters in order to implement the system and practical more consistent.


Starting with $10,000 1Lot --> $12,244.95(Approximately 1.22times)

Net: $2,244.95(Profit:$7,565.42/Loss:-$5,320.47)
Profit factor:1.42
Max drawdown(The ratio of total funding): $508.02 (4.31%)
The total number of trades: 1,311(Sell(Profit %):742 (67.79%) / Buy(Profit %):569 (87.17%)
Profit Trade(ratio): 999 (76.20%) / Loss Trade(ratio): : 312 (23.80%)

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It is scheduled to release in May.(Free upgrade)


It is scheduled to release in June.(Free upgrade)

Price $198

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